Bespoke project designs


We were given a brief for a promotion linking Tango and tea. One specific item was a teapot with an actual working clock complimenting it with a usable teapot with two large cups and saucers. All with a black background and the splash logo of tango.

We succeeded in finding a UK based pottery which took on the challenge and produced the Tango clock teapot. I am happy to say the clock actually works and we managed to achieve the splash logo onto a black glaze, which is quite unheard of. We then sourced jumbo cups from another pottery and also the standard black usable teapot with white Tango logo. All these items were to go as sets. With our warehouse and packing facilities this was achieved with ease, sending out to various locations in the British Isles with a 100% result.


We were approached to supply the Gotan man (see above) with a small branded t-shirt. We were also asked to produce a 6' Gotan man, which we supplied, made from fibreglass he also went to the extreme of having a 44" neck, which again we managed to achieve.


We were asked to produce a presentation box for Sales Representatives, which would display 10 botanicals in individual jars with the contents stated and the box to be branded.

We sourced the screw-lid airtight jars and had the lids individually printed. The box had to be durable, so we produced this with a heavy card, coated with high quality wrap and pantone matched with gold blocking within the outer and inner lid.

We included a foam insert cut to the exact size so the jars would fit snugly and the foam was colour complimented to the box.

All the items were brought to our handling house and the jars were individually filled with the botanicals and placed in the box with foam. The boxes were wrapped in tissue and delivered.


We were asked to supply a box which was to be based on a toxing and de-toxing theme.

The client requested sake, sake jug and cups, de-tox tea and de-tox essential oils. Each item was branded to the customer's requirement. This was to be presented in a gift box pantone colour matched and branded. All the items had to be put onto a raised plinth and secured.

All items were sourced by TKS branded, boxed and despatched.


The brief was to supply advent calendars with chocolates in the shape of airline seats. We achieved this by a custom made, vac forming, tray being sent to the chocolate maker to be filled.

The card box was printed in process print with the relevant doors perforated. Behind these doors clients would receive an airline seat made of chocolate. This was produced within 3 weeks of the clients request and on a very small quantity of 100 pieces.