We work with a family based company that prides themselves on the highest quality, adherence to even the strictest lead times, dedication to service and all production requirements being in-house.

  • Cutting and creasing

  • Folding

  • Glueing

  • Litho / Screen Print

  • Foil blocking

  • Laminating

  • Spot varnishing

  • Graining

  • Embossing / debossing

  • Window patching

  • Hand finishing

  • Sample making

  • CAD /CAM carton engineering / design

The above processes and more are all carried out on site giving us complete control over the whole packaging solution process. Although not one of our main functions, we can also offer a packing/fulfilment service placing your products into our cartons. All of the above processes, with the exception of embossing/debossing/graining on plastics, can be applied to any of the materials we convert. These materials include any finish and colour of polypropylene, PET, PVC, paper, boxboards, WLC boards and craft boards as well as an almost endless range of specialist materials such as colourplan and foiled board.

The number of styles and forms our packaging can take are even more endless than the variations of materials we convert. From traditional tuck end cartons, envelope base cartons and crash lock base cartons to separate tray and lid designs, hanging cartons, pillow packs, folders, part PVC/part card cartons, self make up wraps amongst others. These cartons can be made to a size and shape to accommodate your product and can also incorporate platforms or fitments of any style to ensure the stability and safety of your product in transit or on the retail shelf.

Our packaging products are applied in a myriad of industries. With such attractive and eye catching designs the retail market forms a large proportion of our work, with styles, materials and complexity of each carton being widely influenced by the market they are used in. We also supply companies involved with mail order sales, exports, medicine testing, transit packaging, engineering and electrical components, glassware, cosmetics and confectionery to name a few.

Our on site design and production team, who possess a wealth of experience in the packaging industry, are continually innovating packs from the traditional PVC, PET and card materials as well as newer substrates such as polypropylene, some of which are awaiting patents. As opposed to 'on the shelf packaging', our success is based upon individual packs exclusively designed to enhance our customers products thus promoting their sales in the market place. As well as producing cartons from samples you may already hold or have developed yourself, our design team excel at producing unique, bespoke packaging to your exact requirements.

Rigid shouldered box with hinged lid and pantone matched covering. Foil blocked branding Rigid Box, silk covering, lifting lid and silk cushion within Self Make Up (SMU) double wall tray and lid with internal platforms